Power Your Masjid!

Donate this Ramadan to help us reach our target of raising $375,000 that would cover the costs of purchasing and installing the 400 kVA Electricity Substation and 50 kW Solar Power Energy Panels that will be utilised to power the Condell Park Masjid.

The substation is an essential service that will provide power for Condell Park Masjid, in turn providing lighting, air-conditioning, audio visual, computers and the like.

The solar panels will provide clean energy that would allow us to reduce the masjid's carbon footprint and would also help reduce the electricity bills for the Masjid.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Donation Amounts

Please donate the below amounts or multiples of them:

  • $150 will cover 200 volts out of the 400 kVA substation cost.
  • $525 will cover 350 watts out of the 50 kW solar panels cost.


200 Volts out of 400 kVA Substation.


400 Volts out of the 400 kVA Substation.


350 watts out of 50 kW Solar Panels.

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